On November 12th, I will be giving a Silicon Valley Bar Association seminar on Preparing for Dying: Presence and Ethics at the End of Life with sociologist and filmmaker Dr. Michelle Peticolas and estate planning attorney Deborah Radin of Kramer Radin, LLP.  

We will begin the seminar by watching Dr. Peticolas’s award-winning documentary, Caring for Dying: the Art of Being Present.  You can view a trailer for the film here

Deborah Radin will cover the benefits of using advance health care directives to make decisions about the end-of-life.  She will also discuss what an "ethical will" is and how individuals can use ethical wills to transfer their personal values, history and legacy. 

I will discuss estate planning ethical issues and rules of professional conduct when representing a client at the end of life.  If you are an estate planning attorney who has worked with clients in hospice, you are aware that there are numerous ethical issues, including knowing who the client is, undue influence, and capacity.  I plan to cover these and other topics.

Attorneys will receive one hour of ethics credit for attending the seminar.  You can register for the event through the Silicon Valley Bar Association.