I’m excited to have the opportunity to speak with Robert Lew, president and founder of Planning & Financial Advisors, on the topic "Incorporating Philanthropy into the Family Wealth Plan:  Different Approaches from a Financial Planner and an Estate Planning Attorney."   The event is co-hosted by the Northern California Planned Giving Council and the Financial Planning Association of San Francisco.  It takes place on April 19th, from 11:30 – 1:30, at The City Club in San Francisco.  Registration is available online and at the door.

Here’s what we plan to cover:

Some wealthy families have strong charitable intent and would be receptive to charitable planned giving planning concepts.  Most families have weak or no charitable inclination so incorporating philanthropy into their wealth plan is often very difficult.  Bob Lew will share how, as a financial planner, he is able to integrate charitable concepts within wealth plans.  More importantly he will share how he has been able to foster charitable goals.

Attorneys are often uncomfortable talking about charitable giving unless the client brings it up first.  Or we reduce the conversation about charitable gifts to a simple yes/no question.  But attorneys, and other trusted advisors, are in a unique position to help the client articulate charitable goals, recognize time-sensitive opportunities, and sort through different planning strategies.  Karen Meckstroth will discuss how she and other attorneys are changing the way they practice to assist clients in making meaningful choices about charitable giving.  She will also touch on some of the ethical issues attorneys face when advising clients about charitable planning.

It is an honor to speak with Bob, and to learn from him.  Bob has dedicated enormous time and talent to enhancing the lives of his clients and the community through charitable planning.  He currently serves on the Board of the San Francisco Estate Planning Council and is a former Board member of the Northern California Planned Giving Council, the National Committee on Planned Giving, and the California State Bar Tax Specialization Committee.  Bob received the Phil Hoffmire Service Award from the Northern California Planned Giving Council in 2007 in recognition of his lifetime contribution to the charitable planned giving community.