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California Protects Personal Autonomy at End-of-Life

When Governor Brown signed the End of Life Option Act on October 5th, California became the fifth state to allow physicians to assist terminally ill individuals to end their own lives. Governor Brown issued a signing message acknowledging that physician assisted death — even though the aim is to allow terminally ill individuals to avoid great pain and suffering … Continue Reading

Upcoming Seminar: Presence and Ethics at the End of Life

On November 12th, I will be giving a Silicon Valley Bar Association seminar on Preparing for Dying: Presence and Ethics at the End of Life with sociologist and filmmaker Dr. Michelle Peticolas and estate planning attorney Deborah Radin of Kramer Radin, LLP.   We will begin the seminar by watching Dr. Peticolas’s award-winning documentary, Caring for Dying: the Art … Continue Reading