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California Court Says Mother’s Trust Can Fund Trustee to Fight Trust Contest after Her Death

There’s a new no-contest case in California — Doolittle v. Exchange Bank (pdf).  The twist here is the beneficiary who contested the validity of trust amendments also sought to broaden the reach of California’s no-contest statute.  Apart from its holding (a defense-of-claims provision is not the same thing as a no contest clause and therefore trust assets are … Continue Reading

Upcoming Seminar: Presence and Ethics at the End of Life

On November 12th, I will be giving a Silicon Valley Bar Association seminar on Preparing for Dying: Presence and Ethics at the End of Life with sociologist and filmmaker Dr. Michelle Peticolas and estate planning attorney Deborah Radin of Kramer Radin, LLP.   We will begin the seminar by watching Dr. Peticolas’s award-winning documentary, Caring for Dying: the Art … Continue Reading

Who Needs an Estate Plan?

Estate planning makes sense no matter what size your estate is.  Of course, if your estate is large enough to be subject to estate tax on your death, one part of the planning process will be looking at different ways to reduce or postpone estate tax.  But whether your estate is large or small, planning … Continue Reading