What should i look for when choosing a company to help me with my tax debt relief?

Tax relief firms often employ tax professionals and lawyers to help you with your case. Check out our guide to the best tax relief companies if you're considering this option. For more information on tax relief, see our guide to tax relief. Help for innocent spouses is a process by which taxpayers can be exempted from joint and several liability for taxes, interest, and penalties related to a joint tax return.

This relief may be available if the taxpayer did not know, or had reason to know, that an element of the shared return was incorrect. A tax relief company can help innocent spouses by negotiating with the IRS on their behalf and working to reduce or eliminate taxes due. In some cases, the company can also help the taxpayer file for bankruptcy, which can provide additional relief from joint liability. If you are facing tax debt and believe that you may be eligible for innocent spouse relief, a tax relief company can help you explore your options and get the best possible outcome.

Precision Tax Relief has been in business since 1967 and offers convenient customer service options via phone, text message, email and live chat. CommunityTax doesn't have the lowest minimum debt requirement in the tax relief industry, but it deserved the title Best for Small Tax Debt because of its extensive resources and services aimed at those with lower amounts of debt. If you look at the first results of the search query about which are the best tax relief companies, you will see the same domestic companies that are listed on the stock exchange. It's common for tax relief companies to calculate rates based on a percentage of the total tax debt they currently have with the IRS.

These sites can also receive additional compensation when readers fill out forms, request tax relief, or pay for services. To help you tell the difference, we've rounded up the seven best tax relief companies that offered free consultations, had been in business for at least five years, and hadn't filed any complaints with the FTC. We appreciate the company's commitment to helping customers find the best solution for their personal situation, regardless of whether that solution includes paid tax relief services. Fortress Tax Relief offers a unique approach to generating quotes based on the estimated time required.

The tax relief company you choose to work with should be able to help you demonstrate to the IRS any circumstances that are beyond your control. And they only accept cases if potential debt relief makes service fees worthwhile for customers. Local tax relief companies are not professional marketers like the people who run large tax relief companies. So what does the FTC recommend if you have tax problems or problems with tax debt? First, the agency explains that it can try to make arrangements with the IRS or state tax agencies on its own.

As a result, working with a tax relief company can help make the auditing process less overwhelming and more manageable. For consumers with large tax debts, this means that they will likely pay much less than they would with percentage-based tax relief companies.

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